rainy kiyoyachis for the hq!! 69 min challenge!! 


The third years just wanted to take a selfie.


I am… wishing to join you in meditation


I am… wishing to join you in meditation

Do you think things will ever get back to how they were?


Tbh I’m sooooo tired of “oooh attack on Titan is for weenies real anime is scary” like we are all fucking nerd sacks of shit who watch Japanese cartoons that is like the baby fight for baby supremacy and I tire of it


im in love with the sky


SURVIVAL TIP: When you encounter a grizzly bear in the wild, raise your arms as high as you can and yell “PLAY TWO WEEKS”



We’ve had a lot of requests for different crystal varieties and now they’re here! In addition to our best selling Amethyst Crystal Soap, you can now choose from four additional crystal types: Citrine, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz, and Rose Quartz. Each one has its own unique fragrance too.

They’re all available on our website as well as Etsy and Storenvy.

So cute!

tonight i breathed in the same air as brendon urie