ppl get so like personally offended when i tell them i dont like strawberries and i dont even know why like theyre like “what??? how can u not like strawberries? have you even tried one before?? oh you have? are you sure it wasnt rotten?? well there must have been something wrong with it!! everybody likes strawberries!!! youre being too picky!! youre probably just saying you dont like them to make me angry!!!” like holy shit cant i just….not..like strawberries……

K.K. Synth



what's wrong with brushing curly hair? (sorry everyone i know has straight hair but i see you complain about brushing it a lot and i just don't know what happens)


Okay, these pictures were taken last year, back when I had longer hair, but they’re still relevant.

Curly hair without brushing:


Curly hair with brushing:



More color tests for that one comic. 


Leather purses by krukrustudio in Moscow, Russia